Paradise is not lost, at all

Phew … it seems that I might have been slightly overreacting in regards to the whole B.-situation (wouldn’t be the first time)

So we’ve spend a whole stroll down by the river in some kind of mutual appreciation state, with me wanting to scream from frustration and anger only every fourth or fifth time she opened her mouth – quite an improvement to the last two weeks when I wanted to tear her her head off every fucking time she said anything, uff. And afterwards we ate dinner sorta together – I was eating, she held her dinner back to watch Tatort. But she drank tea and we talked.

We talked about the apartment getting spruced up by our landlord. A totally new and very exciting development. That she was very happy she won’t be having anything to do with it because her departure will be the occasion all this sprucing up is going to happen. And how we will divide all the stuff we bought together during our tenure – I’ll be keeping most of it, so that’s a load off.

Maybe we’ll get back into our stride. I sure hope so.


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