Ozzy Osbourne: I Am Ozzy


Start: 19.12.12 – Finish: 21.12.12

Right now I’m seriously fucked up by what I just read. How can one human being do so very much shit and still be alive. Inconceivable!

So this is the honsest to god biographie of the one and only Ozzy Osbourne. The man of Black Sabbath and biting off the head of bat fame. It portays the life of a piss poor Astonian who rose to unbelievable hights due to determination, a fuck-off attitude and the fact that there was just nothing else to be done but rising up.

This man has made a life for himself just by beeing the clown he always was. There are regrets in his life -you wouldn’t believe he was human otherwise- but never about the way treated himself always about the way he treated others. This makes him very endearing and paints the picture of a man who may have gotten lost sometimes due to fame and fortune but has never lost his way.

Chronicling his life of drug abuse and bat-shit insanity this book was a romp of extraordinary proportions. Due to his dyslexia Ozzy worked with Chris Ayres -telling him his life-story for him to get on the pages. But still, the language seems true and in no way whitewashed. You are reading exactly what Ozzy has to say. And it’s hilariously entertaining.

In hindsight it might have been a little bit dicy to follow the semi-biographical and to me very mediocre Black Swan Green with a real life biographie of a person I virtually new nothing about until three days ago. But say what you will about Ozzy, he can fucking entertain, on stage, on tv and even in book form.

Fun, wit, drama, dread, romance, excess, booze, stars, everything I like to have in my favorite gossip-page all rolled into one.

Grand Central Publishing – 2010, 416 pp, english, e-book


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