Stray Observations

Long time no read

Been a while … but not for lack of trying.

I had drafts saved up the wazoo, but nothing wanted to be published.

Now I have something to share … and it’s good!!


I am reading a lot. Gossip, techie stuff an tv reviews. Normally nothing about eating disorders. At least not on purpose. It’s not that I am avoiding it. It just doesn’t come up. Today I stumbled on this post on xojane and I just NEED to share it’s content. I don’t use social media so this is the best I can do.

Angela Gulner, a recovered bulimic, made something special … A comedy about a woman with bulimia. She had been struggeling for 10 years and wanted to share what she had gone through. Wanted to show the world that we are not just a one-episode feature in a family drama, but living, breathing beings. That our community is diversified and nuanced.

Watching this, I felt sympathy, anxiety, respect and utter outrage about this woman. Outrage about the way she behaved. Outrage about the way I behaved. Because I see so much of myself in her. I was, and still am, mortified about the mirror I was looking into. But I’m also glad. Because I’m not alone. I’m this asshole who made my life and the lifes of my loved ones a nightmare. Seeing her, seeing her friend being helpless in the face of her struggle with herself, made me appreciate even more the chance I have taken to get my life in order.

Right now it’s just a pilot. But with a little hope and a lot of shares, maybe there could be so much more. So everybody, share! Give it your best try. Because this thing needs to happen … for those who are still fighting, for those who made it and for those who need to understand that life with bulimia isn’t just binge, purge, repeat … it’s also simply life as we now it.

I can’t embed the video. But this is the link to her homepage with the pilot. Please watch it. Please share it!!

Binge – The Series

To quote Angela: “It’s not pretty. It’s not simple. But it’s real”